Medicater Patient Ordering System

Working with both catering & hospital partners, we have developed a fully customised solution for the very specific bedside ordering requirements of hospitals. This tablet-based solution cuts out the paperwork and the errors that tick sheets create with regards to calculations and time.

Bedside Ordering Made Simple

Save time and money with the Medicater's tablet based, bedside ordering system. Over 3 years, Medicater has rapidly grown its footprint across multiple hospital types and sizes by providing hostesses with a simple app based order process and a web enabled management portal, hostesses can be up and running quickly with minimal training. Evolving to the digital platform minimises human error with pre-populated wards, beds, patients and patient diets and real time production planning. Bedside ordering has never been simpler.

Increase Productivity & Profitability

Increase productivity with realtime production reports that are provide in multiple specification to suit your hospital required. With the automated bed management system, update patients diets, move patients, checkout patients and add special instructions from the system in real time. This realtime accuracy allows you to never have wasted meals again and increase overall profitability.

Keep slips clean and billing accurate

With the till slip printed at the cut-off time, slips are all neat and professionally provided to the patients and with a full financial reporting system, all meal audits can be calculated accurately.

Patient Application

Completing the loop from bedside to kitchen we have developed the bedside patient app. This web application is triggered by a simple to display QR code at the patient bedside. Patients select their bed and ward which links to their Medicater profile. This application offers: Patient menu viewing(linked to Medicater ordering system) Grab and go menu ordering Request a hostess Feedback surveys

You’ll be in good company

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Frequently asked questions

Let’s get your bedside ordering questions solved:

How long does it take to setup Medicater bedside ordering?

From submitting a completed onboarding document, the setup takes 2 weeks to get the menu's loaded, checked and hardware installed. We required a full bed list (ie all wards and bed numbers) and your cycle diets in excel format.

How is training done?

Training is done virtually with the hostess and catering managers, thereafter we provide a full set of tutorial videos to assist the teams.

Can I customise the bedside ordering menu?

Yes, Medicater is designed to be totally customised to suit your hospitals needs. Customise your meal times, slip printing times and service times to fit with your production schedule. Our menu system allows you to have up to 50 different menu types that all can be customised with additions and extras.

Is it available anywhere?

Yes, Medicater is globally available to hospitals and catering partners around the world.

What hardware is required?

Our system is app based so any android, Apple or windows based device can be used to access the application. The management portal is web based so can be access by any PC. Our till slips can be printed by most standard 80mm receipt printers, we recommend Epson.

How much does the system cost?

Cost are based on a per tablet user and the number of beds in the hospital. To get a cost, please send an email to