Manage Housekeeping, Maintenance and Laundry Rotations

With the Ordev Mining software’s facilities module, you will be able to effectively plan the various housing, maintenance and housekeeping operations. The facilities module has a management system, Site resident interface and staff interface to ensure a seamless and paperless operation. Management system:

  • Create detailed rotation plans
  • Create checklist for staff to complete
  • Assign employees to rotations and locations
  • All request are ticketed and allow for ticket cost and cost centre approval via email


  • Application driven checklist to manage work performance
  • Maintenance logging in real time
  • Timing and ticket process manage digitally through the application

Site Residents:

  • Application to log housekeeping & Maintenance requests
  • Set “Do not disturb” schedule at a click of a button
  • Check and track laundry through the cleaning process