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Join the ordev platform for the best in butchery specific digital ordering, loyalty and delivery software.

Correct cut ordering

We understand that no two slices are the same and constantly allowing for an under or over slowly adds up to some real difference to your bottom line, thats why the ordering software for Butcheries needs to be different and allow the flexibility for the difference in pricing. Ordev.io allows your customer to order in volume and you team to confirm the weight at checkout allowing you to have piece of mind that not cuts going to waste and the customer is being billed correctly.

On Demand Delivery

With Growing costs and change in customer behaviour, its no longer "a nice to have" but a necessity for your outlet to have an easy to use online presence with a strong delivery network to ensure you goods are delivered conveniently to your customers. By joining the Ordev platform, you are able to expand your businesses reach by having an easy to create online ordering site that is automatically linked to some of the biggest and best on demand delivery companies in the country that have years of experience in the on demand delivery game.

Increase loyalty today

What happened to the good old days with the butchery being more than a man in white suit? With the ordev loyalty platform lets bring the customers back in store time and time again and remind them why the butcher will always be better than a long isle of pre-packed items.

Increase ordering volumes

Have you got great deals but failing to convert all that spend to sales? Use the Ordev online ordering system helps your brand stand out from the crowd by using the systems weblink, direct customers from your website, social media pages or WhatsApp to order directly from you and with the checkout upsell items, in app product promotions and vouchering system, upselling and converting a sale to sales is quick and easy.

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Frequently asked questions

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How long does it take to setup Medicater bedside ordering?

From submitting a completed onboarding document, the setup takes 2 weeks to get the menu's loaded, checked and hardware installed. We required a full bed list (ie all wards and bed numbers) and your cycle diets in excel format.

What hardware is required?

Our system is app based so any android, Apple or windows based device can be used to access the application. The management portal is web based so can be access by any PC. Our till slips can be printed by most standard 80mm receipt printers, we recommend Epson.

Can I customise the bedside ordering menu?

Yes, Medicater is designed to be totally customised to suit your hospitals needs. Customise your meal times, slip printing times and service times to fit with your production schedule. Our menu system allows you to have up to 50 different menu types that all can be customised with additions and extras.

How is training done?

Training is done virtually with the hostess and catering managers, thereafter we provide a full set of tutorial videos to assist the teams.

How much do disputes cost?

Disputed payments (also known as chargebacks) incur a $15.00 fee. If the customer’s bank resolves the dispute in your favor, the fee is fully refunded.

How much does the system cost?

Cost are based on a per tablet user and the number of beds in the hospital. To get a cost, please send an email to support@vands.co.za